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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Part 2

Title: Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes two souls are fated to be together.
Notes: I'm posting this one for Magsy. She'll know why. This story takes place between Seeing is Believing and Perfect Strangers. It's also the first Due South story I ever wrote, way back in 1999.
Disclaimer: Characters, setting, show: Not mine. Never mine. Never will be mine.

August 24, 0079

"It's time," Benton said seriously, turning from the window. Behind him, looking at him expectantly, were his wife, their two sons, and their servants Ray and Frannie. Complete trust was in their faces, and somehow he had to find a way to protect them.

"What's out there, Benton?" Margaret asked, coming forward.

He weighed his answer in his mind and decided that straightforward honesty was always the best way to go with her. Nervously, he ran a finger along his eyebrow.

"It's like twilight out there. There's no sign of the sun."

Fear came to her dark eyes, but her face never showed it. Instead, in her capable way, she clapped her hands and said, "All right, children, we're going on an adventure. We must see how fast we can leave the town. Ray, Frannie, please find us provisions for our journey. Be quick."

The servants, more like members of the family than menials, quickly nodded and got to work. Benton watched his wife kneel by the boys and talk and laugh with them as if this may not be the end of the world. A fierce pride joined the protectiveness within him. He had been so lonely for so long and now this little family of six belonged to him.

It took the twins, Ray and Frannie, only a few moments to gather enough provisions for a couple of days. Without waiting, Benton sent them out, then the boys holding hands, and lastly, Margaret and himself. He could feel Margaret's hand trembling in his, though when she turned her face to him it had a soft smile. In the semi-darkness, he studied her, remembering all the joy she had brought him. His wife was ice and fire, calm and storm, love and laughter. And she had given him his sons.

He could see them in front, chubby legs walking happily along. They did not seem frightened. A year apart, their personalities could not be more different. Antonius was a raging river, pushing forward and testing his limits; Markus was more content to follow his brother and try to keep him from harm. Together they made a joyous chorus, and Benton could not remember his life before them.

Gently, Benton pulled Margaret towards him. Normally not one for showing affection outside of their home, now he felt the need to have her close. Her whole body, like her hand, was trembling. At his touch, she wrapped an arm around him, and he couldn't help but speak.

"I love you, Meggie. If we don't get out of this, I just wanted you to know."

Warmth shone out of her face as she raised it to look in his eyes. "You are my life, Benton."

He was stunned for a moment at such a sentimental thing coming from her lips. Of the two of them, Margaret was the most practical. Much like their children, their personalities complimented each other.
The sound of laughter came from the children and the couple shared a squeeze. It was hard to believe that anything bad could happen when the world contained sounds like that.

Frannie turned. "Hurry, children."

They began to trot to keep up. She had been their nanny since birth and was second in authority only to Mama. Even Papa had to take a third seat.

Benton was studying Frannie when he saw it. All hint of smile was driven from his face, and his arm tightened on Margaret. It was she who yelled, "Ray! Frannie!"

They saw a big, black cloud racing towards them. As Ben watched it, he knew it was the jaws of death itself. His stomach churned, and he stopped. Fleeing would do them no good. It was too late.

The cloud hit them like a wave, covering their bodies. Benton gasped as it touched his face, entering his nose and mouth. It was thick. He tried scraping it away, but more rushed into the empty places. It was so heavy, it pushed on him, and he could feel Margaret faltering at his side. She tried to push forward, out of the cloud, and Benton would have followed her, but already the weight of the ash was crushing them to the ground.

Margaret fell first, pulling him heavily with her. His lungs were just starting to burn from loss of oxygen. He felt Margaret struggling violently to rise, to breathe. Benton didn't struggle. Instead, he trapped her arms with his own and settled in close to her. There was a pause in her struggles, and Benton felt around until he found her face. Gently, he pressed his lips to hers and, in that last moment of life, he kissed her.


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